2018 Season Recap

Let’s go back to when it all started:
• January – I was finishing my physical preparations for the upcoming season and in the mean time struggling with my college exams. By the end of the month I think I was focusing on passing exams more than my training. Therefore that left an impact on my training plan. It was mentally exhausting and it sure didn’t help me train easier. My shape went a bit downwards at that time. But I somehow managed to get myself together and pulled through. Just like that exams passed and I was already sitting on the plane to Sheffield(UK). That trip surely was relaxing and it allowed me to rest my head. But…, like always my head plays big role in my life and I am having a hard time of just letting go. So, once the college was out I faced the next problem, my bad shape. That was the only thing, that was bothering me the whole trip. I guess I was just ready to climb hard in the UK and not trying to recover from studying and my bad shape. So I managed to fall back in flow after coming from Sheffield and then I had a period when I climbed quite good.
• March – This is the time when all the competition simulation happen and depending on your performance you either (get)/(don’t get) chosen for the upcoming WCs. Pressure got to me and I was suddenly climbing way worse than the past few weeks. The result was, that I was chosen for only one competition of the first four. It just made me laugh when simulations were over and I saw how good I started to climb again. My mind is just amazing!!
• April – I go to Meiringen and I do especially well and I get selected for both China competitions. Hell yes!
• May – I make semis on both China comps and at that point I was sure I can make finals on the next one. I place 4th at Triglav the Rock Ljubljana. I also got a ticket to Tokyo and Vail.
• May/June – First up Tokyo and again semifinal. But I get rejected again in the semifinal round and ending way out of finals. Maybe I was just expecting to much from myself by making 3 semifinals in a row. Afterwards I fail to make it into second round in Vail. I must say that Vail was a completely different experience than other Asia competitions. I think that the altitude factor was huge and that is definitely a thing to watch for next year.
• July – That was a bit time off for me, not for vacations though. I was doing some rock climbing in Magic Wood and then doing Tout a blocs, which I won for the 2nd time in a row.
• August – Munich world cup was the biggest disappointment for me. I was feeling in best life-time shape, but I just failed to deliver and I think that left a big influence on the rest of the season. 21st place wasn’t even close to being bad, when I knew I could hardly climb worse.
• September – Most important competition of the year I was still finding myself after Munich. Worst climbing of the season lead to equal result… Totally my mental failure in the moment of weakness. Already looking how to solve similar problems in the future. Anyway, right after Innsbruck WCH I was on my way to Adidas Rockstars. I managed to get myself together one more time! 10th place was a great ending of the season, leaving high motivation and letting me see how, I can really climb.

That’s as short as I can recap the whole season. It’s been a long one with most traveling I’ve ever done before but the most fun one as well. I got to meet a lot of new friends and discover new places. New season for me is just more than week away and I am totally ready to set new goals and overcome any problems faced. I know next year is gonna be ever better one! #TheOnlyWayIsUp!