My name is Anže Peharc. I was born on 29.07.1997 in Kranj, Slovenia. I come from a family in which sport represents significant part of life. I’ve been climbing since 2006 and therefore I have a more than 13 years of climbing experience. I am also a member of Slovenia national team, which allows me to train and compete with the best. My ultimate goal is to stand on the highest podium place and everything I do in someway contributes to achieving that goal. I am really hard working and determined athlete and I know that one day everything will pay off. I am “boulderer” by heart although I intend to improve in lead as well in order to qualify  for Olympic Games in Paris 2024.



WC Chongqing – 3rd place(boulder)

WC Moscow – 4th place(boulder)

WC Munich – 5th place(boulder)

Studio bloc Master – 1st place(boulder)

Triglav The Rock Ljubljana – 3rd place(boulder)

ECH Munich – 3rd place(boulder)

WC Munich – 8th place(boulder)

WC Meiringen – 31st place(boulder)

Tout a blocs L’argentière la Bessée  – 1st place (boulder)

WC Mumbai – 15th place (boulder)

BBC(British Bouldering Championship) – 2nd place

WC Munich – 31st place (boulder)

Adidas Rockstars – 21st place

EYCH Längenfeld – 6th place(boulder)

WYCH Arco – 3rd place ( boulder) and 6th place (lead)

EYCH L’argentière la Bessée  1st place (boulder)

WYCH Arco – 3rd place (boulder)

EYCH Grindelwald – 2nd place (boulder) 

WYCH Singapur – 1st place (lead)

EYC EDINBURG –  1st place (lead)

EYC VOIRON –  2nd place (lead)

EYC LINZ –  2nd place  (lead)

EYC L’argentière la Bessée  – 2nd place  (boulder)

EYC KRANJ –  3rd place (lead)