Adidas Rockstars 2019

After coming back home from almost 3 weeks in Japan in felt really good to simply climb. That was exactly on what I was really focusing on after really disappointing world championship. That being said, this post is not going to be a typical analysis of the competition but rather a simple recap of having fun.


With some effort I managed to finish the round with topping all the problems and that left me with 9th place after qualis. In addition to that I really enjoyed whole warming up

Qualification M4 – @vladek_zumr

The competition started on Friday the 13th. And I know what you are thinking, it wasn’t like that. Absolutely nothing went wrong that day, just the opposite. The qualification round was really fun to climb although boulder were not really complex but rather basic.


Since I haven’t enjoyed competition since WC Munich it was just climbing for pleasure. I was not worrying about the performance as I just wanted to enjoy every single moment of this competition.

Semi-final M3 – @vladek_zumr

Anyway this time things didn’t turn out great as I finished the competition with only 1 zone… No matter what you say to yourself you simply can’t be satisfied with a result like that. What you do in situation like this is, reflect on the good stuff. Me saying I got 1 zone hardly describes what was happening during the competition.

Let me tell you how it was from my perspective. After a long time I felt great on the wall during warm-up. I was positive that I am going to perform well that day, but things can turn around really fast. The problem where I got that zone, I fell from the top 4 times so that is one good thing to focus on. Feeling good on the wall is also a sign that things are going in the right direction again.

Lately I’ve been taking everything with more relaxed approach and it seems to be working out great. The only problem that I am experiencing is really bad skin… I just can’t climb as much as I would like and that is a bit upsetting.

Nevertheless WC in Kranj is just behind the corner and I am ready to have some more fun!

This post is meant especially for everyone who feels that he is not progressing as much as he should. Take a step back and start enjoying what you do, because in the end that is the thing that will make the biggest difference.

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