BWC Meiringen 2019

The journey began on 4th of April. The drive was supposed to be around 8 hours long, but sadly we encountered extreme weather conditions in Switzerland. Its April, there should be no snow.

I have never seen winter conditions like this before. The snow was falling rapidly and roads were icy. There were closed tunnels, people driving slowly, insecure and everything looked like we might not even make it to Meiringen. Truly a sketchy scene. 

Anyway we somehow managed to surpass every obstacle and therefore arrived at our hotel. Exhausted from our journey which took us 4 more hours than expected I enjoyed hot shower and wrapped myself in cozy bed.


Qualification – M5; @thecircuitclimbing

The next day it was time for qualifications. Mens qualifications started at 9:00, therefore I hoped for a good night sleep but instead I had trouble sleeping and I woke up quite tired. Damn you my head! Even though you might think that you are not thinking about the competition somewhere in your subconscious there is something making you nervous.

Nevertheless I feel that this year I am mentally way better prepared than last year so I was sure I can handle the situation. I warmed up as usually, felt great on the wall and I completely forgot about bad nights sleep.

There I was…ready to go out and show what I’ve been training for.

Five tops in 8 attempts was enough for 9th place. I know it’s only my first competition of the year if you don’t count Studio bloc, but I just felt in control during qualifications. Although I was safely through to semi-finals, the qualifications were a bit easy so there were not room for mistakes.


With that behind me it was time to turn a page and get ready for semi-finals. I was really psyched to climb next day and with good nights sleep I was feeling over the moon in the morning. In addition to that I felt even better during the warm up.

Although everything fell in place in the isolation zone, I was not able to show that on the mats. I topped one problem (the one only 3 people did) and I failed to finish 2 others with multiple falls from the top. That was enough for 15th place, which isn’t that great. But if you look from the bright side I finally felt that I can make finals in a world cup. Although I only topped one problem I was really close on others. Slight change of body position could completely change my result and especially in bouldering things like this happen really quickly.

Next stop

With that in mind I have 3 more sessions before I leave for Moscow next week. There I will have another chance to correct my mistakes. It’s also time for my first ever speed world cup.

Fingers crossed I won’t be 50th! That’s just a joke, but it can happen faster than you imagine.

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