Milano climbing Expo 2020

Event took place on the 1st of February at the Urban wall in Milano. Event consisted of both lead and boulder event. Nevertheless I only took part in the boulder event. There were 10 climbers in both male and female category.

Boulder event


Boulder event was divided into two rounds. Firstly we had practice round in the morning, where we were able to try 4 blocks and work on different “betas”. Practice lasted 2 hours.

Second round started at 17:00. We climbed on the 4 blocks, we tried earlier in the morning. We each had 3+ minutes, which meant that we could start climbing at the very last second and finish our attempt. No matter if you run out of time.


In the contrast to the regular world cup format, the format here was different. Not only that we had 3+ minutes, we could also watch each other climb during this round. That surely contributed to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I think I could say that everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Best 4 athletes after 4 blocks advanced onto the final problem. The rules were the same as in the world cup final. One boulder, 4 minutes, flash.


Sadly I couldn’t make it to the final round, as I finished 6th in the end. I merely started with the preparations for the world cup season, so I was quite happy with the final ranking.

Overall I think that this competition was a great break between all the training and now I feel more confident and ready for the next weeks of hard training. I know there is a lot to be done, but it wouldn’t be fun if it were that simple.

Soon I’ll be on my way to the next master competition in Brno (CZE).

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You can find the replay of the whole event here:

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